Groundworks or Bulk Digs

Many demolition projects require basement and sub-structure removals, and possibly bulk excavations to form new basements following the main demolition phase.

Tinnelly Group has conducted many basement removals and basement bulk dig projects on city centre projects.

Working closely with Piling Contractors and Main Contractors, Tinnelly Group has performed multi-level deep dig excavations as a follow-on phase to the main building demolition.

Bulk Excavations may also include handling, transport, and disposal of contaminated or hazardous soils/material from site. Tinnelly Group is fully licensed to handle such soils and has vast experience in this form of excavation and disposal. Tinnelly Group is also experienced in removal of asbestos-contaminated soils or materials as part of a bulk dig exercise.

We also have experience of facilitating archaeological investigations prior to excavations and have worked closely with Archaeologists to carefully recover artefacts or structures during excavation that have historical significance.