End of Life Vehicles and Catalytic Converters

The Tinnelly Group facility in Newry is a registered Authorised Treatment Facility which means we are fully licensed by the Northern Ireland Agency (NIEA) to safely recycle End of Life Vehicles (ELV).

We scrap and process thousands of vehicles such as cars, jeeps, vans & lorries from across Ireland every year. We issue Certificates of Destruction (C.O.D.) for each ELV where relevant details are available, whether from the north or south of Ireland.

Catalytic Converters can be a valuable item when it comes to recycling.  Our experience has shown every catalytic converter is different. They may look similar, yet the amount of precious metals they contain differs, therefore some converters are worth much more than others. That’s why we will evaluate every single catalytic converter that allows our customers to generate better profit on their item.