Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint is serious business. Lead inspection and lead risk assessment are useful first steps which can lead to more thoughtful decisions on managing lead paint and lead hazards.

Lead Paint Removal, also known as Lead Abatement, is the action of safely removing lead paint and the permanently eliminating the hazards the product creates. Complete removal is sometimes specifically requested by clients and can involve specialized techniques not typical of most demolition or environmental contractors.

The Tinnelly Group are specialists in removing toxic lead paint from your building. When intact, lead paint poses no immediate health threat, however when it starts flaking or peeling it can be toxic and can cause serious health issues as well as environmental ones. Using the latest equipment and techniques including dustless blasting we are able to remove the problem safely. As part of our service, we can take air samples to provide you with full traceability and the confidence that we have left you with a clean, safe environment.

Our team is fully compliant with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, HSE approved guidance and the LiPSA (Lead in Paint Safety Association) guidelines. We undertake every aspect of lead abatement, using only the latest technologies and processes and never compromise on safety.

A Lead Survey should initially be carried out before any works begin on site. Working with independent consultants within the industry the Tinnelly Group will ensure your survey is completed to the highest standard with a detailed report and a clear action plan to remediate any Lead Paint Hazards on your project.