Robotic Demolition

As well as being used in work down demolitions, robotic demolition may be utilised as a standalone demolition method. Remote control or ‘Robotic’ Demolition is the ideal solution for challenging and difficult locations where space is limited or where operatives or conventional plant cannot access.

Tinnelly Group’s fleet of robotic BROKK demolition machines is electro-hydraulically powered, which allows work to proceed in confined or hazardous areas without the emission of any harmful fumes.

Robotic demolition removes operatives from the hazardous area. The operator can be located in a safe area, or in a MEWP overlooking the work area, and operate the demolition robot by remote control.

Armed with an array of attachments from buckets, breakers, pulverisers, and shears, the remote control nature of the machine eliminates all risk to the operator which makes their use safer, more efficient and more cost effective.