Environmental Clean Up

At the Tinnelly Group we class an 'Environmental Clean Up' as dealing with any kind of potentially harmful threat to either people and/or the environment they live in…

We tackle diverse projects from extensive rubbish removal, pigeon infestation clean-up, vacant property remediation to fully stripping, cleansing and de-contaminating derelict properties or sites used by drug users – from localised sharps sweeps to large scale cleanups following extensive fire damage and waste removal & disposal. These jobs are often coupled with a large-scale asbestos clean-up or lead paint remediation project.

The Tinnelly Group can offer bio-hazardous waste removal & disposal, we are frequently requested to undertake such tasks as external and internal “Sharps Sweeps” before the demolition of buildings. We are commonly requested to remediate void properties, tenanted houses/apartment blocks and commercial premises.

We carry out in-depth risk assessments, use fully-documented cleaning procedures, record removal, and disposal processes to both legal and Health & Safety requirements and are fully-insured – ensuring that both ourselves and our clients have made every reasonable effort to protect others from harm resulting from the bio-hazardous contamination or infection of an area.

By using eco-friendly products and processes, we not only minimise any further impact on the environment but protect your residents, your staff and our own operatives from the risk of further contamination.