Strip Out Demolitions

Strip outs (or soft strip as it is sometimes known) form an integral part of our business. Whether as part of a building refurbishment or re-modelling, or carried out as part of a complete demolition contract, strip outs are almost always the initial stage of any contract.

Buildings are often brought ‘back to shell’ to create a blank canvas for the architect to redesign a new interior. Where complete demolition of a building is required, the strip out is carried out to the same standard so that materials are segregated for reuse or recycling.

Tinnelly Group will identify multiple waste streams, compile pre-demolition waste plans when required, and implement full waste management on all our sites.

Tinnelly Group provides full electronic traceability of all waste streams for each contract and the Tinnelly Group have considerable experience in Green Building Certification Schemes such as LEED & BREEAM, helping the overall project to achieve or exceed the required certification level.